MIR130 [Cathedral of SIN] Women's Thermal Hoodie


MIR Women's Thermal Hoodie featuring designs inspired by Russian Criminal Tattoos.


***SIZES: Women's Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

On the front is the MIR Skull, inspired by Russian Criminal Tattoos. This type of skull with the hammer and sickle was meant to be a more accurate symbol of Soviet Russia.

On the back of the hoodie is The Cathedral. Cathedrals were tattooed in Russian prison culture to specify the number of years one has spent in prison or the number of convictions he or she has. The domes or crosses can each stand for 1 year or 5 years or 1 conviction. Each time a man would get convicted or do time, he would tattoo another dome onto the cathedral. There is also another meaning for tattooing the cathedral. It means that your body and your soul is your church and you will never let anyone desecrate it in any way. Which is the meaning I had in mind when making this design.

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