MIR131 [THE KOT CONNECTION] Women's Thermal Hoodie


MIR Women's Thermal Hoodie featuring designs inspired by Russian Criminal Tattoos.


***SIZES: Women's Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

The cat has been a symbol in Russian criminal tattoo culture since the beginning, partly because the cat abides by it's own rules. There are many variations of the cat tattoo. The cat symbolizes a thief that is good at what he does. This tattoo can show a man's or woman's connection with the criminal world. The word CAT or "KOT" (in Russian)is an acronym as are many other normal words that are tattooed. KOT stands for "Korenoi Obitatel' Tyurmi" or "Native occupant of Jail" as in Jail is my second home.

On the back is the spider design. The spider and web are tattooed in many cultures. In Russian criminal societies it has various meanings. It could mean that the wearer was caught up in the life that he/she chose. If the spider was moving up the web, it meant that he/she was leaving the life, if it was going down then he was planning to stick around for a while. The spider and web can also signify a connection to the drug world or addiction.

Silk Screen Printed 100% Cotton Baby Rib or Thermal Women's Long Sleeve hoodies.

(Lay flat a good fitting a shirt, measure and compare below)

Chest Width:
____SM=14-3/4"____MED=15-3/4" ____LG=16-3/4" ____XL=18-1/4"

Center Front Body Length:

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