MIR748 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Military Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt


Vintage Russian Army L/S Thermal Shirt featuring Russian Criminal Tattoo inspired designs by MIR.



Stretchy Rib-Knit 100% Cotton. THESE SHIRTS ARE SLIM FIT!

Models are Wearing a MED
Male model is 6', Female is 5'6".

If you need help with sizing or have any questions, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US

On our recent trip to Russia, we scored a good supply of these awesome vintage Russian Army thermal shirts in pristine condition. They are made from a super warm stretchy rib-knit cotton material and are perfect for the cold winter ahead. Because of the ribbed texture of these shirts, the prints come out looking a bit distressed which adds to the overall vintage look of these great shirts. Don't sleep on these, there's a limited supply!

The Owl design was first tattooed around the early 40's and usually meant that u were a burglar or a safe-cracker. This particular owl was a nod to the old Tsarist days, before the Soviets gained power. The slogan "Got mit Uns" is german for "God with Us" and is a "grin" at the Soviet Administration which outlawed religion and God. This tattoo also represented freedom, and authority.

On the front is the MIR Eagle logo. This eagle emblem has been around for thousands of years. It was first used by the Roman Empire. This type of Eagle was a powerful anti-establishment and anti-authority tattoo during the 50's and 60' . In Russian prison subculture, this type of symbol was usually meant to show disdain for the system and the Communist government. The eagle conveys the message "Strike first, Dont wait for them to hit you!"
MIR is a Russian word for "peace". But its an acronym for "Menya Ispravit Rastrel" meaning "Execution will Reform Me".

Silk Screen Printed on cotton rib-knit Russian Army thermal long sleeve shirts.

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