SH10 [RENEGADE TANKSUIT] Vintage Military Tanker Coveralls


Vintage Genuine Military Issue Tanker Coveralls (unissued) with designs inspired by Russian Criminal Tattoos.


SIZES: MED (up to 5'10") LG (up to 6'2")
The Model is wearing a Medium. He is around 5'10".


About Design:
Vintage genuine U.S. military Tank Suit. They are un-issued and in brand new condition. Constructed out of flame and fire resistant, wind-resistant and waterproof, 100% polymide which feels a little bit like nylon but is way more breathable. Lots of pockets. zippers and snaps. It has an easy-open velcro back hatch for when duty calls. Overall, these are perfect for the winter, especially for any kind of snow or mountain activities. But you'll look just as cool, walking around the city in these bad-boys.

On the front pockets are 2 Panzerknacker Tank tattoo. German Tanks were a widespread tattoo in the camps after the WWII to show disdain for the Soviets. They later became a symbol of anti-establishment and anti-government.

On the back is the MIR Skull logo. Inspired by Russian Prison Tattoos, this type of skull with the hammer and sickle was meant to be a more accurate symbol of Soviet Russia.

On the left sleeve is the SHTRAFBAT (~shtra'afba'at) logo. It comes from the Russian term "Shtrafniye Battal'yoni" meaning "Penalty Battalions". It was the name given to the penal battalions that were drafted from various prisons and camps around USSR during World War II. Inmates were told that if they joined the army to fight the Germans and help the Motherland, then their sentences would be commuted and they would go free after the war. Needless to say that after the war was won, Stalin ordered those inmates who served in the SHTRAFBAT to be put right back where they came from, the "Zona" (prison).

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