SH42 [BLACK EAGLE] Vintage Military Bomber Jacket


Vintage Military Surplus Jacket featuring Russian Criminal Tattoo Designs by MIR.


Lightweight COTTON/POLY blend construction.

******************SIZE CHART***********************

Model is wearing a Medium. He's 6'0".


This vintage military button down jacket has a worn in look and is light and flexible. Perfect with a hoodie or a sweater on colder days. Two zip up pockets on the chest and 2 snap pockets on the bottom front.

The Designs on the jacket are printed in Pearl Black ink.

On the back is the MIR Eagle logo. This eagle emblem has been around for thousands of years. It was first used by the Roman Empire. This type of Eagle was a powerful anti-establishment and anti-authority tattoo during the 50's and 60' . In Russian prison subculture, this type of symbol was usually meant to show disdain for the system and the Communist government. The eagle conveys the message "Strike first, Dont wait for them to hit you!"
MIR is a Russian word for "peace". But its an acronym for "Menya Ispravit Rastrel" meaning "Execution will Reform Me".

On the front is the SHTRAFBAT (~shtra'afba'at) logo. It comes from the Russian term "Shtrafniye Battal'yoni" meaning "Penalty Battalions". It was the name given to the penal battalions that were drafted from various prisons and camps around USSR during World War II. Inmates were told that if they joined the army to fight the Germans and help the Motherland, then their sentences would be commuted and they would go free after the war. Needless to say that after the war was won, Stalin ordered those inmates who served in the SHTRAFBAT to be put right back where they came from, the "Zona" (prison).

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