SH71 [SPIDER SPATS] UP-Cycled WW2 Vintage U.S. Army Spats


Vintage military leggings from WW2 era with Russian Criminal Designs by MIR.

Available in: Tan/Olive


These WW2 vintage leggings / spats are real U.S. Army issue. They're constructed out of cotton canvas and are very rugged and durable. They have a strap that goes around the bottom heel of your shoe, tightens with a strap. They the lace up on the sides. Very cool accessory, especially with heels or combat boots.

SHTRAFBAT Division was the name for the penal battalions that were drafted from various prisons and camps around USSR during World War II. Inmates were told that if they joined the army to fight the Germans and help the Motherland, then their sentences would be commuted and they would go free after the war. Needless to say that after the war was won, Stalin ordered those inmates who served in the SHTRAFBAT to be put right back where they came from, "Zona" (prison).

The spider and web are tattooed in many cultures. In Russian criminal societies it has various meanings. It could mean that the wearer was caught up in the life that he/she chose. If the spider was moving up the web, it meant that he/she was leaving the life, if it was going down then he was planning to stick around for a while. The spider and web can also signify a connection to the drug world or addiction.